identiFINDER R300 Software Release v2019.3

FLIR Detection has released a new version of software for the identiFINDER R300 (Previously known as the nanoRaider)

Changes and Feature Improvements:

  • Updated driver now available on device when the device is in mass storage mode.
  • Menus have been restructured for better flow and removal of redundant screens.
  • Display Settings, Show Status, and Self-Test, screens have been moved to top level menu so that a password is no longer required to view these menus.
  • Preset Values are now persistent between reboots.
  • Preset Values will now be included in the settings backup file.
  • New Contact information for European Service Center added to home page of the Web Interface.
  • The National Reachback form has been added to the mass storage drive of the device for easy access.
  • Device will now show an acknowledgment screen when a screenshot has been taken.
  • Maximum ID and Extended ID Duration times have been increased from 999 seconds to 1500 seconds.
  • The 2006 version of N42 files is no longer provided in downloads. The only available N42 file type is now the 2012 version.
  • The Device will now boot properly after ignoring a Bluetooth error on boot.
  • The way hidden nuclides are displayed in ID results has been changed. Hidden nuclides if present in the ID results will be displayed as “Undisclosed” with the proper confidence and a severity of “Suspicious”.

Software is available to download from...

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at or +1 865 220 8700 ext. 12101

Thank You, Customer Support Manager