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News Bulletin

identiFINDER R200 (SPRD) Software Release v2018.1

FLIR Detection has released a new version of software for the identiFINDER R200 (SPRD):

Highlights for software version 2018.1:

• Units modifiable in settings instead of hardcoded
• Enabled datalogging
• Added timeout on Bluetooth listen screen
• Added USB battery symbol
• Changed initializing screen to larger font
• Added level mode
• Added Microsoft OS for RNDIS driverless enumeration
• Added headphone output to self test
• Moved alarm indicators to radiation submenu
• Changed “Dose” to “Acc Dose”
• Added zoom mode
• Limited datalogs to 500 entries
• Added extra timezones
• Auto Disable/enable speaker output when headphones attached
• Added HTTP redirect for language support
• Replaced detector serial in status screen with detector type
• Added network info screen to menu
• Accept power button for confirming shutdown
• Added 20s hardkill to shutdown screen to prevent lockup
• Added gamma/neutron/dose info pause/resume
• Added autoexit from low battery warning
• Added autoshutdown screen when battery critical
• Added languages (Chinese, Russian, Spanish)
• Added audible warning when shutting down from low battery
• Expanded menu text width
• Removed “FW” from init screen
• Added NORM reject feature
• Added setting for Home screen select
• Increased ID Max time limit
• Removed service menu from The Web Interface
• Limited operator and phone # display to 20 chars
• Improved response times for record/alarm/log lists
• Removed AutoID trigger for Accumulated Dose Alarms
• Added Lu-177 and Ra-223

Applicable with neutron models:
• Added neutron info state
• Flash blue LED on neutron event
• Added neutron detector info to web
• Added neutron count rate to home screens
• Calculate neutron stats for datalogging
• Added neutron alarm/warning log
• Added neutrons to nuc string
• Added neutron alarm info to config string
• Trigger AutoID on warn/alarm

Bug fixes too.  Change log is available from the downloads page... https://detectionsupport.com/radiation/downloads

Due to the significant chnages that were made with this version of software, the update can only be done at FLIR.  For details on how to return a product to FIR Detection, please goto https://detectionsupport.com/radiation/rma

Thank You, Steven Read