Welcome to FLIR Detection, Inc. Service Portal for radiation detection and identification products. We are committed to providing our customers with quality products and services that continually meet and exceed their expectations. Our service organization is dedicated to upholding the company’s core values of quality, innovation, and trust through a product’s entire life cycle.

News Bulletin

European Service Center Opening

We are excited to announce an important step forward in our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction.  To better serve customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, FLIR Detection is in the process of establishing a service and support center located in FLIR’s existing Frankfurt, Germany facility.  Service operations in this facility are expected to begin January 2019.

A local service and support center will benefit you in many ways including:

  • faster turnaround time for product returns
  • shorter lead-times for product accessories
  • faster responsiveness to requests
  • reduced shipping costs in some cases

What products will be supported in this new facility?

Initially, service out of the Frankfurt facility will be limited to legacy identiFINDER and identiFINDER-R400 products, formally known as the identiFINDER-2.  In the near term, we will expand out service capability to other products, like the identiFINDER-R300 and -R500 products. 

How will this impact the return process for product service and maintenance?

Customers will continue to request an Return Material Authorization (RMA) number through our product returns portal.  Once we go-live, customers will have the option of selecting “Frankfurt Germany Service Center – Radiation Detection” or the “US Service Center – Radiation Detection” to return products.  

What is the FLIR Detection Return Process?

  • Customer requests an RMA number through our product returns portal at the following location: https://detectionsupport.com/radiation/rma.
  • Customer receives an RMA and shipping instructions from FLIR.
  • Upon receipt of the product by FLIR an email notification will be sent to the customer.
  • A FLIR Service Technician will evaluate the product. If applicable, a repair estimate will be forwarded to the customer.
  • Upon customer approval and receipt of funding, FLIR will proceed with the quoted repair.
  • The product will be shipped upon passing the quality control performance criteria.
  • Tracking information will be emailed to the customer.

FREE product training:

We have more exciting news.  We are planning one‐day FREE identiFINDER product training class to take place in the Frankfurt facility mid-2019.  This syllabus will cover radiation detection handhelds, their related software and the FLIR “RAD” mobile app.

  • IdentiFINDER‐R100 (Survey Meter)
  • identiFINDER‐R200 (SPRD)
  • identiFINDER‐R300 (Pager, previously known as the nanoRaider)
  • identiFINDER‐R400 (RID, previously known as the identiFINDER‐2)
  • identiFINDER‐R440 (RID, NEW!!!)
  • identiFINDER‐R500 (RID, previously known as the radHUNTER)

This course will include a mixture of lecture, instructor performance, student demonstration, and evaluation. The lecture portion covers terminology, relevant technical terms, the theory and science of radiation detection, operations, accessing files, operator maintenance, etc. The practical evaluation objectives include basic operations, including detection, locating the threat, measurement, identification, analysis, site assessment, and file transfer.  Those that are interested should contact me at steven.read@flir.com

Who should I contact for technical support?

Your first point of contact should be through the FLIR Detection Customer Support Portal located at https://detectionsupport.com/radiation/

The FLIR Detection support portal is a great tool for the following:

  • The Downloads page provides access to manuals, quick start guides, datasheets, PC software, instrument software, marketing material, etc. 
  • The Knowledgebase gives answers to frequently asked questions.
  • The Contact Us page sends an email directly to the FLIR Detection-Radiation Detection support team.

US Service Center Contact Information:

Email: radiation.support@flir.com

Customer Service Representatives tel. numbers:  +1 865 220 8700 ext. 12118 or ext. 12146

European Service Center Contact Information:

Email: service@flir.de

Customer Service Representatives tel. number:  +49 69 950090 24

Service contracts, post sales extended warranties and training:

Email: steven.read@flir.com or +1 865 220 8700 ext. 12101

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at steven.read@flir.com or +1 865 220 8700 ext. 12101