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News Bulletin

1 day FREE product training events in Nashville, TN

FLIR Detection will be offering 1 day FREE product training events at Midtown Hills Police Precinct in Nashville, TN the week of the CBRNe Convergence.

Available dates; 4th Nov, 5th Nov, 6th Nov and 7th Nov.    

Course Description:

This one-day training course provides product training on five types of radiation detection equipment (listed below), on related software and the FLIR “RAD” app. This course includes a mixture of lecture, instructor performance, student demonstration, and evaluation. The lecture portion covers terminology, relevant technical terms, the theory and science of radiation detection, operations, accessing files, reach-back, operator maintenance, etc. The practical evaluation objectives include basic operations, including detection, locating the threat, measurement, identification, analysis, site assessment, file transfer, reachback and other capabilities to operator the detection system.

Radiation Detection Gear:

  • identiFINDER-R200 (SPRD)
  • identiFINDER-R300 (SPRD)
  • identiFINDER-R400 (RID)
  • identiFINDER-R440 (RID)
  • identiFINDER-R500 (RID)

Course Provider:

FLIR Detection Inc. and Metropolitan Police Department of Nashville.


Midtown Hills Police Precinct, 1441 12th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203 


Each student successfully completing the course will receive a certificate of competency.

Student Equipment Requirements:

Although FLIR will bring along adequate Radiation Detection gear to the class, we encourage students to bring their own FLIR Radiation Detection products to the course too.  This will give students an opportunity to check out the performance of their instruments in the class. 


There is no charge for the course or course material.  Travel expenses are the responsibility of the course participant.

Course Registration or for Additional Information Contact:

Contact Steven Read at +1 865 963 2980 or steven.read@flir.com

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! 

Steven Read