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New Software Release is now available for download!

This is applicable for the identiFINDER R300 (nanoRaider), identiFINDER R400 (identiFINDER 2) and identiFINDER R500 (radHUNTER).

Key Features Include:

  • We have opened up a new Bluetooth profile called Serial Port Profile (SPP). This allows others to develop apps, tie instruments into telemetry networks, or write interface software to look at live data or transmit identification results such as requested in UAV or robot operations. The API for this communication channel is available in the latest manual.
  • For those customers that do wish to utilize the Finder mode, we’ve now allowed the operator to exit the background acquisition of the FINDER mode if at least one has taken place since startup. If you do exit, the previously obtained background will be utilized allowing for a user to more rapidly begin scanning for the material of interest.
  • Customers who don’t necessarily need to hunt for the specific location of radiation or already know its location now have the ability to disable finder mode. This increase the ease of entering the ID mode for those utilizing the two button interface of the R300 (nanoRaider).
  • In an attempt to minimize the required button presses to get the job done, we’ve removed the “Start” button at the beginning of an ID sequence. The unit will now automatically begin its acquisition upon entering ID mode.


Get started by downloading the software and updated manuals