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News Bulletin

identiFINDER Software Release v2015.1

FLIR Detection has released a new version of software for the family of handheld radiation detection products including the identiFINDER-R300 (nanoRaider), identiFINDER -R400 (identiFINDER-2) and identiFINDER -R500 (radHUNTER).

Highlights for software version 2015.1:

  • An option was added to display the full isotope name upon identification.
  • GPS data is now included with the logged data to increase the quality of data available for those using the data logging mode during dose rate surveys.
  • Additional filtering was added to remove low-confidence secondary identifications and reduce false ID in low background environments.
  • Russian and Spanish language interfaces were added.
  • Bluetooth integration improvements include additional data being delivered within its status messaging.

Additional details:

  • Sleep mode improvements to address delays during certain operating modes.
  • Saved file text has been darkened to increase visibility.
  • Ability to bulk download data logs was added.
  • Delete data log files was added in the web interface.

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