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News Bulletin

Free Product Training Event in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Due to the overwhelming response from customers, FLIR Detection will be offering an additional 1 day FREE product training event in Oak Ridge, Tennessee on Tuesday the 4th April, 2017. 

This training event will cover 5 handhelds!  Products will include:

identiFINDER R100 (PRD), identiFINDER R200 (SPRD), identiFINDER R300 (nanoRaider), identiFINDER R400 (identiFINDER-2) and identiFINDER R500 (radHUNTER)

Our classes, taught by our expert staff, ensure that you receive the know-how to use your products and software effectively.  To help improve the effectiveness of users in the field, the class is broken up into theory, operational instruction and hands-on.

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