Product Return Process Overview

How to Return a Product for Service:

All products being returned to FLIR Detection must have a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number issued.  RMAs are issued through the "Request RMA" link below.  If this is the first time using the FLIR Detection Product Returns Portal, then you will need to complete the registration (link below), so that we can get you setup in the system.  Once setup in the system, you will receive a User Name and Password to access the FLIR Detection Product Returns Portal (the user name and password is NOT the same as the user name and password used to access the password protected pages of the "Service and Support Portal").  New registrations are usually completed within 1-2 hours, but may take up to 1 business day.

Request RMA

Registration (new customers only!)

If you are experiencing any difficulties or if you have any questions, please contact our service department at +1 (405) 372 9535 ext. 11104

Outline of the FLIR Detection Return Process:

  • Customer requests an RMA via the Request RMA link above.
  • Customer receives an RMA and shipping instructions from FLIR.
  • Upon receipt of the product to FLIR an email notification will be sent to the customer.
  • A FLIR Service Technician will evaluate the product. If applicable, a repair estimate will be forwarded to the customer.
  • Upon customer approval and receipt of funding, FLIR will proceed with the quoted repair.
  • In the event that repair and/or maintenance services are declined, a $400 evaluation charge will be applied to all non-warranty systems returned for service.  
  • The product will be shipped upon passing the quality control performance criteria.
  • Tracking information will be emailed to the customer.
  • FLIR offers expedite services for a fee of $125. It is our goal to complete all expedited repair and maintenance services within three business days.

Shipping Information:

Please ship the product(s) to the address below:

               FLIR Detection, Inc.
               Attn: Service Department
               1024 S. Innovation Way
               Stillwater, OK, 74074

Purchase Order Information:

Important note; Purchase Orders should be made out to:

               FLIR Detection, Inc.
               1024 S. Innovation Way,
               Stillwater, Oklahoma, 74074