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News Bulletin


The FLIR Fido X2 system can become dirty or contaminated and prevent it from performing at its highest level. If the Verify process fails repeatedly, a Power Clean is recommended to bake residual contamination off of the exterior and interior of the inlet. Follow the instructions provided on this card to complete a Power Clean of the Fido X2.


This Power Clean cycle takes approximately seven minutes and will require installation of a new Sensing Element once completed.

  1. Press the Menu button
  2. Use the arrow keys to highlight Clean System and press Enter 
  3. Use the arrow keys to highlight Power Clean and press Enter
  4. The Power Clean cycle includes heating, cleaning, and cooling phases.
  5. When Fido X2 displays “Cleaning Completed,” press Enter
  6. Proceed with replacing the Sensing Element. A HELP option is provided. Press Enter and view the “Replacing the Sensing Element” video.

For additional support, call the Fido X-Series Support line at +1-405-372-9535 ext 6603.