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News Bulletin

Fido X2 Firmware Update Ver: 1.11

A new Firmware version is available for the Fido X2.  The update includes improvements to the identification algorithm, user interface enhancements and optimizes the verification process.

  • Identification Algorithm Enhancements 
  • Implemented a single, optimized Verification threshold for all 3 sensitivity settings
  • Users can choose to postpone Verification in all cases, depending on their operational requirements
  • Added web-address to Detection Support Portal to warm-up screen and HELP menu
  • Added Sensing Element change animation and explanation to Start-up Wizard, HELP Menu and Verification Fail screen
  • Added messaging in Start-up wizard to explain power clean and its benefits 
  • Added recommendation for Power Clean after 14 days.  Mandatory Power Clean at 180 days
  • Added additional report generation options. Only valid dates are displayed.  Custom by selecting a file # range, download All Data (1000 file limit per report), and Day, Week, Month reporting options.
  • An abbreviated Start-up Wizard is now available through the HELP button during system start-up.  Replaces previous HELP video.
  • Added complete Japanese translation for system interface (First-pass Implementation)

For instructions on how to update your Fido X2 to the latest version, visit https://detectionsupport.com/explosives/  and selecton Resources > Knowledge Base at the top of the page, then select the article “Instructions for Fido X2 Firmware Update

If you have questions regarding this Firmware update, please contact James Sanders (James.Sanders@flir.com) or Ryan Holland (Ryan.Holland@flir.com)