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News Bulletin

Fido X3 firmware released

Fido X3 firmware V2.72 was released on 20 September 2018

To download the newest version of firmware click on downloads from the main page.

  1. Click on the Fido X3.
  2. Click on Current Firmware V2.72- released 20 September 2018. Save the file to your computer.
  3. Using Fido Analyst, you can update your system or by using WIFI.

If you have any question or problems getting your system updated please let us know by contacting James Sanders at (james.sanders@flir.com)

Summary of Changes in This Version:

1. The big change to this update is the way you scan the RFID tag. As of 20 September 2018 there are no longer RFID tags on each sensing element bag only the BOX will have the RFID tag.

2. If you have sensing elements that have the RFID tag on the bag you can still continue to scan the bag.  If you have newer sensing elements you will have to scan the BOX

3. Update help video for scanning RFID to show box scan. You have to update via WIFI to download the new video.

4. Update splash website to valid link