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News Bulletin

Service Bulletin 15086 Clogged Filter

SERVICE BULLETIN  15086                    
Date    March 27, 2015                
Fido Type (XT/NXT/X3)    X3, NXT                
Issue    Clogged Filter Problems                
Serial Numbers Affected    All                
Nature Of The Bulletin                    
Recent events involving flow rate errors observed on the Fido NXT and Fido X3 have been linked to clogged filters on units operating in dusty/dirty environments.  If a flow rate error is observed by the operator it is recommended the operator conduct the approved cleaning procedures and inspect O-rings within the air flow path.  If the unit continues to behave abnormally or a flow rate issue remains contact your local service provider.                      
It has been determined that the absence of the air filter will not hinder the threat detection capability of the system.  If the filter requires replacement or removal, this process will need to be accomplished by an authorized service provider.                    
Follow Up                    
The elimination of the filter will be incorporated into future production Fidos.  All questions, comments, or concerns can be addressed to fidohelp@flir.com.