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News Bulletin

Fido X2 Service Bulletin-Multiple Failed Verification

There has been a significant effort from the Fido Production and R&D teams to determine what is causing multiple X2 failed verifications.  One theory of the Ref Std not warming up enough from cold start turned out to be false.  A second theory that the tip fins being twice as tall as an X3 tip could be a cause, likely false, (but maybe a slight contributor, more testing occurring this week).

One thing we have seen consistently here is that if you fail verify, and do a power clean then insert a new sensing element, the verify has passed every time with a significantly higher % quench.  This has been noted by our Production, Consumables, and R&D teams. If anyone encounters the issue of multiple failed verifications in the field, the first course of action would be to run a power clean, install a new SE, then attempt a verify.  **Important** It would be GREATLY BENIFICAL FOR ALL if anyone attempts this and it DOES NOT work.  (Please email ryan.perzee@flir.com).  The Second troubleshooting step would be to check the date of manufacture of the ref std.  The QC process for RDX ref std changed the end of Feb 2016 so there is a slight chance that any ref std manufactured prior to 01 Mar 2016 may not be as effective when used on an X2. 


CONTINUING EFFORT:  The focus now will be to answer the question, “If power clean works every time, what is happening to cause this?”  (Root cause)  

Please email ryan.perzee@flir.com with any questions.